Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weekly Weigh In

Another pound lost! That brings my weight loss total up to eleven pounds! Ryan hasn't lost any this week, but he hasn't gained either. Both of us could have done a lot better at counting our calories. It is definitely harder the busier we get. We have had to eat out a lot this week, which is never good for weight loss! I really need to include exercise into my life, but I can't seem to find the time or the motivation. Something to work on!
Homeschooling is going well. The picture is of Rylie making the letter "B" in shaving cream. She really enjoyed this, even though her face isn't showing it in this picture! We also made "B"s out of shrinky dinks and she cut out pieces of blue ("B" is for Blue) paper and glued them in the shape of the letter. The other picture is of her doing ballet (another "B" word). She got the Bella Dancerella DVD for Christmas from Aunt Elisa. Her favorite part about it is that it came with a princess wand. She had to wear her ballet outfit that we got at a garage sale for a quarter!
I took Anna to the doctor yesterday. It was a combination of her being sick and her six month well baby check up. I hadn't made an appointment for her yet because her primary doctor didn't have any available until the middle of October. I didn't want her to wait that long for her shots, but I also didn't want her to see another doctor if I could help it. I called the phone nurse yesterday morning to ask if there was anything I could give Anna for her cold (she was up a lot the night before coughing, etc.). The phone nurse told me to bring her in to check for ear infection and said I could do her well baby at the same time. It turns out that Anna's primary doctor had a cancellation for yesterday, so Anna could see her! I was thankful for that answer to prayer! Another answer to prayer was that Anna doesn't have an ear infection, it's just a virus. I figured as much, since I have been fighting the same thing.
She now weighs 15.9 lbs and is 27 inches. She is in the 50% for weight and the 90% for height! The doctor noticed that she does this shaking thing when she's excited or scared. I had been concerned about this, but didn't want to bring it up, because I didn't want to be a hypochondriac. The doctor said that she wants to reevaluate her in a month because this could possibly be a neurological problem! She said it probably isn't anything to worry about, but wants to be sure. She also said she wants Anna to be sitting up and rolling over both ways by that next appointment. (This morning she rolled over from her back to her belly, so now she can both ways and she can sit up for about 45 seconds and the developmental mark for this age is 30 seconds, so I'm not too concerned) Anna seems to be making all the other milestones and is very social and makes good eye contact and is talkative, but the possibility of a problem still freaks me out a little! I'm dreading and looking forward to Oct. 8th to find out for sure!
She also upped her Zantac. We were hoping that she would have outgrown the acid reflux by this age, but she hasn't. Hopefully soon. She isn't eating much right now since she's been feeling so miserable. She's such a cheerful girl though and is still giving us smiles!
I forgot to mention that the picture of Rylie from the previous post is her trying to "look like a white gorilla"! Quite the imagination!


Angela Miller said...

I will keep little Anna in my prayers (and you.) It is so hard not to worry! I can't wait to see you tomorrow morning!!!

Samantha/Tom Edwards said...

I'm praying for baby Anna! I'm sure that she's just an excited baby! It's alot better than when I was a baby...when I got excited I licked people! (no, seriously!) :)

Tell Riley I might be Jasmine for Halloween!
(I wanted to be a kissing booth - but since the person I want to kiss will be in the Middle East, it'd be a little pointless!)

Jessica said...

I'll be praying for Anna and you! I reaaly hope it is just a behavior and nothing serious! Love you!

Erin said...

I dont think you need to worry...Grace did the same thing starting around that same age and she has already grown out of it...sometimes she still does it when she wants something that I have, like food or a drink, but Its just her way of getting my attention to let me know that she wants it...I will keep you in my prayers, and try not to worry.