Friday, September 19, 2008


I haven't posted in a few days because life has just gotten the best of me. I've been busy and feeling emotionally and physically drained. I have to admit that I've let my emotions get the best of me and have therefore been eating pretty much whatever I've felt like and not counting calories. Thankfully I didn't gain any weight this week, but I wasted a week where I could've lost some. My hormones are all wacky still, so that doesn't help anything.
There are a lot of things on my heart that I would like to vent about, but they involve other people, so I won't. I will tell you about some exciting things that happened this week.
Sunday, when I was home sick (thanks Mom for taking the girls!), I heard a loud crash and looked outside to see a hit and run. People are constantly going through the stop sign in front of our house. The girl that was driving the car that was hit, got out and ran down the road, yelling and cursing, trying to chase the other car. She was extremely mad! I wanted to go out on my porch to watch the action, but hesitated because I was in my pajamas. Then I looked around at the other neighbors that had come outside. There were three other people in their pajamas as well (this was at 4:00 in the afternoon). I guess I wasn't alone in the 'hood! Anyway, there was a lot of ruckus and commotion for about ten minutes and then everyone went away.
Tuesday, I worked all day with Pam at the fair. Her and my brother have a foundation that helps injured and fallen firefighters and their families. They had a booth to sell shirts to raise funds for the foundation. (There are some really good causes they are helping out with, so let me know if you want more information!) I saw some interesting people, got to eat (half) of an Earthquake burger and an elephant ear. I could probably quote you the Chamois spiel since their booth was right across from ours and we heard their demonstration about a thousand times. One of the girls that works at the Elephant Ear booth brought me one for free. I thought that was so nice of her! I also met a guy from Poland who was surprised when I told him I had been to Rabka before! He asked me if I knew any Polish words, so I told him the few I did know. He got a laugh out of my pronunciation! It was fun spending the day with Pam. Afterwards we went to Becky's for dinner and the premiere of House with Jessica and Jenaya, which was fun too.
Wednesday, we went to the zoo. We needed some family time and I am so thankful to our Flock Group who gave us a zoo membership! I totally fell for no reason at all, skinned my knee, and in the process my full cup of pop flew out of hands and spilled all over. Of course we happened to be walking by the table full of white shirts that were for sale. . . you can imagine the rest! And my wonderful husband happened to be walking in front of me too, so he got showered with it as well! Instead of asking if I'm okay though, he just doubles over in laughter! I got him back later in the day though when I convinced Rylie she and her Daddy needed to go pet the rat that the zoo keeper was holding. She begged Daddy to come with her to do that. Rats are Ryan's one fear! He did it though. His love for his daughter outweighed his fear! I don't know if I would be so brave if it was butterflies.
Yesterday and today have been spent babysitting my cousin's baby boy. He's a cutie and a good boy, but it is a little hectic when he and Anna have to eat at the same time. I am glad we get this opportunity to spend time with him though because in a few months, he and his family are leaving to be missionaries in Morocco.
Please pray for my Grandma, she is getting sick with her chemo. It seems to be getting worse.
Please also pray for Patty, my mother in law. She saw the Oncologist yesterday. I won't get into all of it, but pray that her body heals quickly from the surgery so she can start chemo. In order for the chemo to be effective they have to start it as soon as possible. Her body is healing slower than they thought and she still isn't able to eat food (due to a duct that isn't closing) which affects her blood sugar, etc. She is tired of being in pain and having to lay around. She is a very strong woman, but this has really thrown her for a loop. She needs lots of prayers!
Thanks for reading this long, rambling post! Linky Love will be back next week.


Angela Miller said...

Amy, you have a very full plate right now! I will continue to pray for you. I'm glad you got to have some family time at the zoo the other day. Isn't it amazing what a little day away with the family can do for you?

Once again, I found myself laughing at your fears. Sorry! Butterflies? What can possibly be scary about butterflies?

Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...

First I want to acknowledge your prayer requests and let you know that I think about you often.
But... I have to move quickly into saying how tickled I was by most of your post! (I haven't posted this week for similar reasons but have continued to read others posts.) I really can't blame Ryan for the laughter, I really would love to see that. And any time someone brings up the topic of phobias I always think of you, "I know this girl who is horrified of butterflies and elbows."