Monday, September 22, 2008

Jessica and Anna

Anna loves our friend, Jessica! (So does Rylie) She gives her big grins and always wants Jessica to hold her. Jessica is married to our friend Cris. He has been one of my brother's best friends since they were in High School. He lived with my family for awhile, I've always thought of him as a little brother. We missed him when he went away with the military, but then excited when he came back home with a wife, Jessica! Soon after he was deployed to Iraq for over a year so we got to know Jessica really well. It was exciting to see her grow and mature in the Lord and become an active part of our church family. We also really enjoyed growing in our friendship!
This picture is of Jessica and Anna at Becky's house one evening when they babysat her. I love Anna's face in this picture! She has her mouth open and I can just hear her yelling at the balloon. Lately almost all of my pictures of Anna are with her mouth open, happily yelling something to us!
Thank you Jessica for being such a good friend to us and for loving our daughters! We can't wait to meet baby Keeley! We love her already!


Apryl said...

We love Jessica too! Christian and JT love her too! When she was visiting, she was the only one who seemed to be able to pat Christian's hick-ups out of him. The poor kid hates hick-ups. We miss Jessica and the rest of the church family!

momaof4 said...

It's great to have such sweet friends!
No wonder you started a MOPS group! You have SO MANY new Moms and babies!!! Your nursery must be exploding :)

Love you