Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My baby will never. . .

  • have a selfish desire

  • utter a useless word

  • perform an unkind deed

  • think a sinful thought

  • have any temptation to sin

  • have any suffering

  • have any sorrow

  • have any pain

  • displease God

  • have persecution

  • have hate

  • have quarrels or disagreements

  • have disappointments

because it's in Heaven! (from John MacArthur, Safe in the Arms of God)


Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...

With out a Christian prespective this would sound like a sad list, but because we can see death for what it is, a beginning, it just sounds precious and sweet. I have thought about this MANY times.

tuesdaymom said...

It will be so great to meet him or her, won't it?

Jessica said...

That is the perfect way to think about your baby!! I love you Amy!!!