Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Letter "A"

We have started doing some Homeschooling with Rylie. This is her little schoolroom at the top of our stairs (the calender is supposed to be hanging). We are learning a letter a week. I have been trying to incorporate creative things as well as bookwork. Yesterday, I was trying to teach Rylie how to write the letter "A". It was harder than I thought it would be. She couldn't do it and I wasn't sure how to teach her. She wasn't very interested in it either, she just wanted to draw. We practiced for a little bit then I let her draw. Today, I had planned on doing apple stamping with paint ("A" is for "Apple"), then we would practice writing "A". While she was doing her stamping, she started finger painting. She surprised me by saying, "Look, Mom, I'll write an A". I looked over and she had done it, without my help, with her fingers and paint! I was so excited and proud of her!


Angela Miller said...

What a cute little school room! Doesn't it feel rewarding when the lightbulb goes on and they finally get it? WTG Rylie!!!

red-headed Wilson's said...

I remember when Alicia started to write her own letters! We were in a restaurant and she had done them on a napkin. We were so excited we ran over to Target and got her a new box of crayons! (I also saved the napkin.) Such an amazing feeling as a parent. Congrats on another first! And good luck with the homeschooling. You will be such a great teacher!