Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thoughts on Spiritual Discipline

I came across this quote from John Wesley while I was reading Disciplines of a Godly Woman, I thought it was good enough to share with you all!
"O God, fill my soul with so entire a love of Thee that I may love nothing but for Thy sake and in subordination to Thy love. Give me grace to study Thy knowledge daily that the more I know Thee, the more I may love Thee. Create in me a zealous obedience to all Thy commands, a cheerful patience under all Thy chastisements, and a thankful resignation to all Thy disposals. Let it be the one business of my life to glorify Thee by every word of my tongue, by every work of my hand, by professing Thy truth, and by engaging all men, so far as in me lies, to glorify and love Thee."

Conversations with a Toddler

After learning about the 5 senses:
Me: What are your ears for?
Rylie: Earrings!

Me: Who does God love?
Rylie: Auntie!

Me: Where is God?
Rylie: Outside!

Me: Are you Rylie Karis?
Rylie: No
Me: Who are you?
Rylie: Abby Rose (her cousin)!

Me: What did God make?
Rylie: Play dough!

Me: Guess what?
Rylie: Mommy loves Rylie!

Inagural Post!

Hi all! Welcome to my first blog post! Last February, I was reconnected with a college friend, ever since then, I have been hooked on her blog! A few months ago, another college friend, started her own blog that I have also been hooked on. I decided, why not? As my friends and family know, I'm not very good at keeping up on correspondences, so this just may be my solution! I have no particular theme for this blog, other than life! It might be random, it might be planned, depending on the week! Hope you enjoy it!