Sunday, September 7, 2008

S is for Scary Spider

These pictures don't do this horrible man eating gargantuan spider justice! He is huge and he's right outside my back door. He is the cause of my almost panic attack last night. I was trapped outside and couldn't get into my house because of this monstrous thing. Ryan did not help the situation by not letting me in the house as fast as I was trying to get in. He proceeded to laugh at me as I frantically dashed into the house. (It is actually bigger than a quarter.)
Ryan refuses to kill this beast because of our daughters love for spiders. As some of you know, she is planning on turning into a spider when she grows up. Yesterday morning, a spider had come into the house and was running towards Anna, who was in her jumper. I was sure he was going to attack her and so I yelled for Ryan to kill it. He obliged and the next thing we knew we had a sobbing girl on our hands. "You killed it! Don't you know spiders are my favorite animal?!" This did not make Daddy feel good and hence the refusal to kill any more spiders. I don't know what we are going to do because I can't live with them (the spiders, not my family). He thought he compromised by moving the spider off the back door and onto the bottom of the porch. Rylie was pleased with this arrangement and gave me a hug and told me not to worry, or be scared anymore. I however, know he's still there lurking, plotting his way back up to my door. Good thing we have a front door, otherwise I might be trapped in my house!


Jessica said...

ROFL! Rylie is just tooo funny!

Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...

I am sooo with you on this one! I am horrified of arachnids! I used to keep a bottle of organic non toxic spider and bug killer in the shed. A couple squirts does the trick. Then I don't have to get close to them. ((((shiver))))

red-headed Wilson's said...

too funny Amy. Where did you go wrong with your daughter! How, I detest spiders!
I do have to say that Ryan is being an excellent father if falling a bit short in his husbandly duties.