Thursday, September 4, 2008

Weigh In and Updates

Drum roll please . . . One Pound! Actually I'm pleased. There were two weeks of not loosing anything, so to see the scale move in the right direction was encouraging. My total so far is ten pounds lost! I am also pleased because I grew lax in counting my calories and was more estimating them, so I was worried that perhaps I had gained weight. This week I'm back on track of counting those calories closely.
Ryan didn't loose any this week, but he was also pleased that he didn't gain any either. He has been way too busy and preoccupied to count his calories the last few weeks.
We have had a fun week so far. Monday night, our friends, Chantal and Justin came over to have dinner with us and the Groth's. The Groth's are the missionaries Ryan and I (and Rylie in my belly) went to minister with in Poland four years ago. They were home on furlough so it was great to catch up with them. Justin and Chantal are planning a trip to Poland in March to minister with them.
Tuesday, I had a Women's Ministry Board meeting. (Ladies from Valley, please plan on attending our mini retreat Oct. 3-4. We are planning some great things for it!) After our meeting, Becky took Anna home with her and Ryan, Rylie and I all went to Panda Express for dinner and then saw Kung Foo Panda at the dollar theater! Since Ryan has been so busy lately he thought it would be good to spend some extra time with Rylie. She really enjoyed the evening, especially the popcorn!
Yesterday, the girls and I went to Borders. My secret sister gave me a gift card for there! (If you read this, thank you!!!) It was fun browsing for the first few minutes then both girls realized they did not enjoy looking at Mommy books. I should have known better! At any rate, we came home with a book for Daddy on poor grammar (I call him my grammar nazi), a pop up Cinderella book for the girls, my favorite movie (Bride and Prejudice, a modern Bollywood remake of Jane Austin's classic), and a novel for me (I, Elizabeth). They did not have the best selection of Christian books. Almost all the good ones they had, we already own, either at home, or in Ryan's office at Church.
I think I might take the girls to the fair tomorrow morning. If you go before noon you can get in for free tomorrow!

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Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...

Congradulations on your 10lb wieght loss mark!
Prayers for Ryan's mom and the whole family.
And, I have that book, I Elizabeth, sitting on a shelf somewhere. Let me know how it is and maybe I will finally commit to reading it (the thickness is a little daunting right now)