Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stockup Deal!

*Edited to add, that my awesome friend gave me a gift card that paid for all of my groceries!!! Such a blessing! *

Albertsons is having a great deal on Quaker products! All the coupon bloggers that have been watching the store prices for years say that this is the lowest price Quaker has been. This is a great time to stock up.
You have to buy in increments of five, but when you do, the products are only $1 each! (The syrup is $1.40, but since it's normally $4.50, that's still a great deal!)
This would have cost me $110 but I only spent $26! I stocked up, especially on granola bars. That is one thing that I can guarantee Anna will eat!
The second picture is the things that I got nearly for free. I paid .80 for all of this!
Check your papers this Sunday for Albertsons Twice the Value coupons, otherwise known as "doublers"! If you pair these with manufacturer coupons you can several things for free or nearly free!


Smiles said...

Our Albs is out of all the yummy Quaker products. Guess I'll try again tomorrow. :-(

tscarter7 said...

looks like i'll be stopping at albertsons after church tomorrow! :)

Ryan said...

Sarah, if they are still out, ask for a raincheck. This ensures that you can get them at the sale price when they are in stock.
Susan, did you get some?
(this is Amy, it automatically signs me in as Ryan :( )