Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The first and third picture show the things I got for free the past two days! The second picture shows my total purchase today, I spent $8 and saved $40! I used the "Twice the Value" coupons from Albertsons along with the manufacturer coupons that come in the Sunday paper. (By the way, if anyone doesn't use their coupon inserts in the Sunday paper, I will gladly take them off your hands!)
On the third picture, I got some of these things free from Albertsons using the doubler coupons, and some I got from Walmart using manufacturers coupons. I also got the
free Redbox movie from free codes (available all over the Internet). I got the tomato seeds free from Campbells online (this was for Rylie since, tomatoes are her favorite food!) The photo book is from Hotprints on facebook. You can get one free photo book (including free shipping) per month!
One tip I have recently learned is that you can use coupons on clearance items or on trial size items (as long as the coupon does not implicitly say not to). I got the air freshener on clearance for .50, normal price $1.99, I topped that with a buy 2 get 1 free coupon. The only reason they were on clearance was because they were holiday scents, I got the apple cinnamon, which is the scent I would have chosen anyway. I don't care that it has a holiday label on it. I also got free Crest toothpaste. It was not the kind I would normally buy, but it was on clearance and then I had a doubler and manufacturer coupon so it made it free. I'll gladly try a new product for free!
The trial size items seem to be the cheapest at Walmart. I had a coupon for $1 off of Tide laundry soap. If I would have bought a full size soap it still would have cost me at least $4. I didn't want to spend that much because I don't need laundry soap right now. So my option was to not use the coupon at all and get no soap, or use it on the trial/travel size (priced at $1) and get it for free! You just have to evaluate your coupons and see what things work for you and your family. I might try a new product if I can get if for free or very cheap (under a dollar), but I won't buy something just because I have a coupon for it. I also won't travel to 3 or 4 stores just to get the best price. You really can get some good deals if you do this, but it's not worth it to me to take 2 kids in and out of the car seats and stores several times a week. You have to define what "frugal" means to you. I have fun with it! It's like a game to me! I love saving money and providing for my family.
I plan on sharing my favorite couponing web sites soon! Please leave me a comment if you have a favorite coupon website/freebie blog.


Angela Miller said...

Very nice! I recently did a blog post about a site called cellfire. You load coupons onto your store saver card. All you have to do is buy the items and the coupons are automatically discounted from your purchase.

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