Sunday, February 28, 2010

Want Free Cereal?

Now through March 7th, you can get a free box of Honey Bunches of Oats at Safeway if you buy a gallon of milk (any brand of milk). There are supposed to be coupons near the milk case for $2 off the cereal (with the purchase of milk), the cereal is on sale for $2 making it free! At my Safeway, there was the sign advertising this deal next to the cereal, but no coupons to be found near the milk. I asked customer service and he said to just tell the cashier and she would give me the deal even though I didn't have the coupon. The cashier had no problem with doing that. There is also a deal going on right now that if you buy three or more Post cereals (of which HBof Oats is) you can get a Catalina (coupon) for money off your next order. This is a great deal since you can get buy your milk, get your cereal for free and then get a coupon back for money off. I would have done this, but I don't have room in my fridge or freezer right now to store the extra milk. It kills me to pass up that great deal though.
When I bought the milk (Lucerne) and the cereal yesterday I also bought a loaf of bread (Ovenjoy). I got back two Catalinas, one included coupons for three different items, and the other Catalina was for a free can of Chef Boyorde.
That's why I love couponing and knowing ahead of time what deals are at what stores. I have heard some people say they don't use coupons or shop special sales because then they buy things they don't need or wouldn't normally buy. If I can get a different brand of something that I will use (or can donate or gift) for free then I will get it even though it's not the normal one I buy. I needed milk and bread and I could have stopped anywhere and gotten them, but since I knew Safeway was doing that promotion, I also got the free cereal and then was pleasantly surprised to get the Cat for a free can of ravioli as well! That is so fun to me! (Maybe I need some more excitement in my life!)


Carrie K said...

your last line cracked me up :)

i think its cool how excited you get about the free stuff...and i wish i had the patience and discipline to be a good couponer!

Janice Krieger said...

I'm not a fan of Safeway, but I love Honey Bunches. I need milk so I'll grab some today. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the great deal! I got my milk and cereal this AM! : )

Becky Makin

God Made Playdough said...

Carrie, Ryan thinks I'm such a dork about this stuff! :) It's fun to share it with you guys! :)
I have some more good deals to share with you guys (no coupons required) later today/tomorrow.
Becky and Janice, you don't know how excited that makes me that you guys were able to get it too! That is why I tell you guys about the deals, I'm hoping I can help other families get good deals too! Yay! It seriously makes me excited! :)