Friday, February 26, 2010

Best Valentine's Present

For Valentine's I got the best present, I was able to go to my sister's baptism! It has been so incredible to see how God has worked in her life and transformed her. His grace truly is amazing! It was so awesome to hear her share her testimony and to know that there were several unsaved people there hearing it at as well. We were all in tears!
The girls also enjoyed spending time with their cousin, Sawyer. Ryan and I had fun going to the brick and mortar version of one of our favorite online book stores (I got some free "damaged" books!), and we were able to stop in and see my Grandparents for a short visit.
Please continue to pray for my Grandma, the cancer has now spread to her liver and she has been unable to take chemo again. They are going to test her again today to see if they can restart the chemo. Most of all, please pray for her and my Grandpa's salvation.

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