Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good Deals

I love the Albertsons "Twice the Value" coupons. This is an example of how even when you have no extra money in your grocery budget you can still get food and things for your family. I had already spent my grocery money, but I had manufacturer coupons and the Albertsons doublers that were going to expire today.
This would have cost me $38, but I only paid $1.08! It would have cost be absolutely nothing if I wouldn't have bought the toothpaste, but toothpaste is something I like to stock up on since it is something we use every day and it doesn't really expire. For the Crest I paid .20 and for the kids toothpaste I paid .50. Not free, but still pretty cheap! (I also had to pay tax.)
Side note, I would normally buy Rylie toothpaste that has princesses or some other character that she likes on it. But, today I had the choice of buying Winnie the Pooh toothpaste for $3 or High School Musical (which she knows nothing about) toothpaste for .50. That's an easy choice for me. Plus she thought it was pretty cool because it had teenagers on it! The difference was that the High School Musical toothpaste was on clearance then I added the coupons on top of that. That was the same thing with the Crest. Whenever you are shopping with coupons and it doesn't specify a particular flavor/kind always look to see if there is a kind on clearance. Often times stores are getting rid of a particular flavor or the manufacturer is coming out with a new design for a product. There is nothing wrong with the product it is just being discontinued for whatever reason.
The other thing to look for on your coupons is if there is a size restriction. If it says "any size" and does not say "excludes trial size", then I would check out the trial/travel size products. For example, I had a $1.50 off coupon for any size Dove haircare product. The Walmart price for the travel size (3 oz) Dove shampoo was $1.25, so I got it for free. I had several of these coupons so I was able to get several shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, chap sticks, baby wipes, etc. for free. I got these deals last week, but was too busy to take a picture. I just wanted to pass the tip on to you!


red-headed Wilson's said...

Isn't it fun!? I have even started writing on the box how much I spent so when I go to make dinner, or whatever, I can see how cheaply I am doing it. :)

I so so so wish we had Albertsons close by. But I am not driving 1 hour roundtrip to get a good deal. O,well.

KLB said...

I am amazed! I try to do that, but I am not very successful.