Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Week

We have been having fun celebrating Valentine's this week. Rylie had a fun Valentine's party at school and came home with quite a haul!
I bought the girls heart shape baskets and some little treats. I have been putting a new treat in their baskets every night so they wake up with a surprise. It has been really fun! One of the treats I got was pink hot chocolate. The girls really enjoyed that!
We also had Abby and Luke come and play. The girls love their cousins.
I wanted to wrap my present for my best friend in a fun way, so I found this idea for putting the gift in a two liter bottle.
When Ryan came home Thursday night he noticed that the right side of my face was swollen, and my eye was all red. It turned out to be a sinus infection and I'm on antibiotics for it.
I also had an appointment with my doctor on Friday about my migraines. She wants me to have an MRI on Wednesday and she gave me a pain pill for when I do have one. She wants to rule out, "brain stuff". Hopefully I'll know more on Wednesday.


red-headed Wilson's said...

So glad to hear you were okay this week. With no posts I was getting worried.

Valentines is such a fun holiday! A girly one though. all the pink and red.

God Made Playdough said...

Thanks Dee! Monday afternoon, all of the sudden I realized, "I have no headache!" It has been so nice! :) I have just had a really busy week. I had a bunch of women's ministry stuff to do too, plus the normal stuff.
I don't know why but the pink hot choclate made me think of you! I think because you allways add special touches to things. I miss you!!!

tscarter7 said...

OK I gotta know where you get PINK hot chocolate!