Sunday, February 7, 2010

Clear CT!

Yesterday, I woke up with another migraine. As it was steadily getting worse, and Ryan was out of town speaking at a men's retreat, my Mom wonderfully came over and played with the girls so I could go back to bed. After two migraine pills, throwing up, sleep and a hot shower didn't work, we decided to go in to the ER. Thankfully, Ryan was just getting done with his retreat so he met me there. They gave me an IV with four different meds and fluids that helped immensely. They did make me feel a bit loopy and sleepy, but that was fine with me. I was happy to have some relief from the pain. They gave me a CT scan, which came back clear. We were very thankful and relieved because that rules out a bleed or growth. They sent me home with a prescription for the next migraine (which feels like it might be coming on right now). I have an appointment with my doctor on Friday, so hopefully we can determine what is triggering them. Thank you to all of you have told me you have been praying for me! We really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Listen princess, if you get another headache, don't wait till Friday, call your doctor right away, or if you need me to call your doc, let me know. Lets get this taken care of! I love you sweetie! Dad

The Theisen Twosome said...

I am so sorry Amy. I get an occasional migraine but never that bad. Another friend of mine that got really bad migraines that lasted days said that she started drinking tea and that has helped her not get them as often. I guess the anti-oxidants in the tea helps. I know that it doesn't fix it immediately but it might be something that could help prevent them. I hope that you can figure out what is causing them or ways to prevent. I love you and miss you.

red-headed Wilson's said...

Love you my kindred. I was really worried when Ben mentioned that your facebook said you got an IV! make sure you stay on top of your doctors to find the reason. I wish I was closer to help out!


KLB said...

I'll be praying for you! I can't imagine what that is like.

オテモヤン said...


Anonymous said...

SOOOO thankful your CT scan came back clear! I have to admit when i got your text of the good news I cried! I was so worried about you! We're praying the dr. can do something or tell you something as to what is going on with all your headaches! Love you friend!


momaof4 said...

Love you my friend. and missing you like crazy. I will be praying. My Mom got them for day's at a time. When she had chemo, something in that knocked them gone and she hasn't had them since. Crazy. But I am praying you don't have to go through something like that. Just the right med's or figureing out what it is!! HUGS

Anonymous said...

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