Monday, March 2, 2009


Tonight the girls had so much fun playing together! I love that they are playing together more. Anna put Rylie's pillowcase in her mouth and was crawling around while Rylie was chasing her. Then they started wrestling and laughing like crazy! They also had fun playing on the stairs. And look who is standing up all by herself without holding on to anything! She is so proud of herself! I think the sound of them laughing together is my favorite sound in the world!


tscarter7 said...

I LOOOOOVE hearing my children laugh together! I totally know how you feel about watching them play together. I never get tired of it!

tuesdaymom said...

Does this mean Rylie is feeling better?

Been praying for you guys.

So glad for those silly times!

Stephanie said...

It's such an amazing joy seeing children playing together! My two don't do it very well, but it warms my heart on the occasions that they get along.