Saturday, February 28, 2009

700th Post!

Actually, this is my 701 post! Thanks for sticking with me the past couple years!
In accident news, I went to the doctor yesterday for my neck and back. He said I have some pulled muscles and some strained muscles and gave me three different pills to help resolve the pain. It was interesting to see the x-ray of my spine. When I was a child the school nurse told me I had scoliosis and later on my adult doctor said he thought I probably did too, but it was never officially diagnosed. Now I am officially diagnosed with x-rays as having "mild scoliosis". Not a huge deal, just something interesting to know.
After my appointment I went to Fred Meyer to get my prescription filled. As I was walking to the pharmacy, I slipped on the floor and completely fell down! I was so embarrassed! My whole entire body was on the floor of Fred Meyer! Nothing was hurt, but my pride. I was a little surprised that even though tons of people were walking by, no one asked if I was ok or if they could help me. I'm relieved in a way because then I would have been even more embarrassed, but it was also a bit surprising. I think it says a little something about my neck of the woods.
I was very thankful to my poor, sick Mom who came to watch the girls and let me use her car so I could go to the doctor!
Anna and I skipped the Missions Conference at church last night so we could both crash out. After I put her to bed I took my new medicine hoping it would knock me out. No such luck! Three hours later I was still in pain and not asleep. I decided to take another pain pill and Ryan sent me to bed.
Then I started to feel it! I felt like a limp noodle and I kept muttering unintelligible things. My brain wanted to play the alphabet game. I kept thinking of a letter and all the words that started with that letter. I couldn't shut it off! My brain also kept saying, "Alakazam!" over and over again! It was very odd! Ryan was tempted to sleep on the couch. I was relieved though to have a nights sleep without pain. I'm hurting again now, but there is no way I can take this medication while I'm supposed to be taking care of my children. I'll go into my drug induced state tonight!
Hopefully I'll see most of you at the Missions Conference!


Samantha Edwards said...


haha wow. And isn't that horrible about the drug store? People these days have only one thing on their mind "me"! I'm sorry you fell! :(

And I'll be there!

momaof4 said...

My goodness girl, you make me laugh. Thank you for that.

I could just see you there in bed going on and on, and Ryan debating about if the living room would be better!! hee, hee.

Love you an will be praying the pain goes away.

Drollingers said...

Did you get your meal? I left it on the nursery counter. We had to take off. It was getting late for the kiddos. We'll be praying for your recovery. We need to exchange email addresses.

Rachel said...

I was so glad that I got to spend time with you a little this weekend. It's been way too long. I'm really excited about this next weekend! Are there any certain types of foods that would be good to have on hand?

Stephanie said...

I hadn't had a chance to catch up on your blog until today. I'm so mad someone was parked where you couldn't see! Grrrrrrr! (Sense the great release of frustration)
Funny thing about what your head was doing when you were trying to sleep, I shouldn't admit it, but my head does that when I'm not on drugs... no comments from any peanut galleries please. They're always weird words like that though.
I told my mom about you. She's a massage therapist with a physical therapist. She was sad for you.
Love you and don't forget to ice.