Monday, February 2, 2009

Anna's New Ride

Anna's older cousin, Bryan gave her his old Fire Engine the other day. I put her on it hesitatingly with my hands poised behind her to steady her. Turns out, she doesn't need my help at all. She just took off and self propelled herself all over the house. She wanted to eat lunch on it even, she loves it!

In these pictures she found Rylie's mirror (that she had painted and decorated). She was so cute, she kept kissing her reflection!
We are off very shortly to have some family time at the beach! Our friends have a vacation house there that they are graciously letting us use for the next three days. (We have an alarm system for all you crazy stalkers out there!) We are very excited to spend quality time with the girls and have some relaxing time. (And, yes, fellow shredders, I am bringing my workout with me!) This does mean though that I have to miss Becky's shower (sorry Becky!). Have fun though!
Congratulations Donna and Mario on the new baby. . .you have to talk to them to find out the goods!


Keren said...

Now that's what I call dedication! Way to work out girl! :) Have fun

Angela Miller said...

Have fun! Enjoy the time with your family :) We will miss you at the shower tonight. Way to keep on track with working out.

KLB said...

Thats one thing Abby is having a hard time with. Getting those feet to work on ride toys.
Yes Gurnsey is a great book. WIerd at first but I could not put it down!

Samantha Edwards said...

She's such a big girl now!!!

Rachel said...

March would be great for you guys to stay with us. Just let us know of the dates. Can't wait!