Monday, February 9, 2009

So Fun!!! (Also known as a rambling post!)

I had such a good day yesterday! First I went to church and saw my friend Wendy (the friend I've been friends with longer than anybody!), she was visiting from out of town. Then my "adopted" little sister, Stephanie was also visiting and I got to see her adorable baby.
After church I got to spend an absolutely delightful afternoon with four of my closest friends from college. They all live in another state so I don't get to see them that often. I was thrilled when they said they were coming to visit for the day. They are the kind of friends that even if we hadn't seen each other in a year we can just pick up where we left off and have a great time. We went to lunch at the Olive Garden, which happens to be my favorite restaurant (I had a gift card which made it even better). My wonderful friends brought me a gift basket with fun stuff for the girls (they used their bubble bath this morning!), goodies for Ryan and I, and my favorite part, two books for me (Three Cups of Tea and The Secret Life of Bees), and Starbucks gift cards! It meant a lot to me that they thought of my girls and Ryan and I!
After a delicious lunch we went to see a girl movie and laughed and cried together! We even got to do a little shopping at Target.
All in all, it was a great day! As my previous post explained, I wasn't feeling too great this weekend, but I had some wonderful friends that really made it a special weekend. (Thank you Rachel, for taking nursery duty for me so I could have this time!) Thank you Dee, Karen, Kim, and Becky for coming and making me feel so special! I love you guys and miss you already! My only regret was that we had so much fun, we forgot to take pictures!
I also wanted to thank my friend, Sarah for a fun play date at the mall Friday morning and Becky for a fun dinner Friday night!
Saturday we had our Women's Ministry Fair complete with a chocolate fountain. We had a good turnout and all the ministry heads were able to share about their ministries. We also had a "get to know your Pastors wives" game, which was a lot of fun.
I'm working on uploading my pictures from our beach trip last week, but I'm having trouble with my USB port on my computer. I will share those as soon as I can though.
My shredding has left me with a painful knee so I have been hobbling around all week. I borrowed a knee brace from my Mom today and it seemed to help during my shred tonight.
We had a nice dinner with Ryan's side of the family tonight. It's so great to see my Mom-in-love feeling better and getting stronger!
My favorite part of today was hearing Rylie tell Jesus, "I believe that you are the one true God." Priceless!


Rachel said...

I'm glad that you had such an eventful day! God really does bless us through people, doesn't he? Luke and I would love to have you guys stay with us in March! Just let us know the dates and we'll put you on the calender. Miss you.


The Theisen Twosome said...

Amy I had a wonderful time with you too. It was great to see you.

momaof4 said...

Love you friend!!

Take it easy on your Shred. You don't want to end up hurt bad. Love you.

ps you look GREAT!!!

tuesdaymom said...

Any time! I mean that.

Love you!

Stephanie said...

You bless me.