Saturday, March 7, 2009

Anna's Monkey Party

Anna invited all of her baby friends (and family) to her monkey party, but wasn't able to enjoy it all that much because she was still sick. We got a couple smiles out of her during the party, but not many. She mostly just wanted to go to sleep. She ate a little bit of the cake, but then pushed it away and wanted out of her chair and to snuggle with Mommy.
We had chocolate dipped bananas, banana bread, banana split surprise desert, and of course chocolate cake with banana filling (and veggies to balance out all the sweet stuff).
I was sick and taking care of my sick Banana and carless, so Ryan did all the last minute party supply shopping and then he and my Mom did all of the decorating! I was so thankful, that took a lot of stress off me. One of my favorite decorations was the framed pictures of Anna that we had all over the room. It was a cheap and easy decoration that we get to keep and enjoy forever!
She received some great presents that she will thoroughly enjoy once she feels better. Thank you to everyone who came and for loving our Anna Banana!
The post right below this one has a link to all of the pictures from her actual birthday and from her party if you want to see more!

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Samantha Edwards said...

Thank you - that really means alot to me, especially right now. I appreciate the prayers!