Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anna's First Birthday!

Anna's first Birthday didn't exactly turn out as I was planning, but we made the most of it. The poor little thing is sick and is absolutely miserable! She cried most of the day and hardly slept or ate.
She did manage to get in a few bites of strawberry ice cream though. She will have her cake at her Birthday party on Saturday.
This morning, we took her to Toys 'R Us to do some Birthday shopping. Our plan was to let her pick out a new monkey. She has a monkey that she has to sleep with every night and nap. She has also lately taken to carrying it around the house with her as well. She sucks on his hands and his tail and he develops quite an odor. Daddy very wisely bought another one about a month ago so we can put one in the wash and she can still have one to sleep with. We thought we would get another one too so we can wash them a little more frequently. It is amazing how quickly she can get them to stink! Apparently they don't sell them anymore at Toys 'R Us! We were very disappointed. We had tried in the past to give her a different monkey, but she pouted and didn't want it. I guess we'll have to make due with two stinky monkeys!
We did end up with some other gifts for her and then we went to lunch at Red Robin. She was more interested in her straw then in the food and by the end she was really getting tired so we came home.
After her nap we celebrated with some ice cream. She made faces with each bite because of the coldness but then wanted more.
I'm praying that she is all better for her party!


Anonymous said...

I love you Banana!!!! I wish you felt better!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday> Love grandma

KLB said...

Poor baby! I hope she feels better too. She is so cute! Happy Birthday Anna!

Samantha Edwards said...

I still can't get over how cute she is!! And look at Riley helping :)

tscarter7 said...

Happy birthday Anna girl! we love you!

Angela Miller said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday Anna. I know what you mean with how fast things can start to stink. Keegan chews/sucks on the corners of his blanket and the thing starts smelling rancid within a few hours. I can't seem to wash them often enough.