Friday, March 13, 2009

Dr. appointments and other such things. . .

As you can see, the girls are starting to feel better, unfortunately, Ryan and I aren't. Being such generous children, they shared their germs with us!
The girls both had their Doctor appointments today. Rylie is average for weight and a little below average for height. She was 34lbs and 38 in. Her Dr. said that she was very healthy and right on track! She even had a blood draw and a shot and didn't cry. We were very proud of her.
Anna Banana has an ear infection, and has started on antibiotics, so hopefully she'll be all better soon. She has hardly eaten anything in the past two weeks since she has been so sick, so ended up losing 6 ounces, which was a lot for her. It was visible on her. She is now in the 5% for weight at 17 lbs and 75% for height at 30 in. Our tall, skinny girl! The doctor wants her to come back in a few weeks for another weight check and to have her vaccines.
We have a possible lead on a used car for me. It will be so nice to have a car again. It will be much easier to do things like grocery shopping, Starbucks runs. . . I am thankful that we have that option to have a second car, it is a blessing.
Right now, I am going to enjoy snuggling with a beautiful four year old and watch the Little Bear movie! Look for Rylie's Birthday party pictures tomorrow night!


Jessica said...

Gosh they are soooo cute!!! Love how you had to throw starbucks in on things you miss without a car! LOL!!

Michelle said...

I just bought that same green shirt for Megan! I think the one I got is size 24 months. Have fun at Rylie's party! :)

Angela Miller said...

I'm so glad the girls are feeling better!

I agree...your girls are generous :) Truitt has been sick ever since last weekend. I think he caught what Anna had at her party. He has had the fever, runny nose, barking cough and he has hardly eaten the last few days. He is now starting to sound hoarse too. I am wondering if he has a sore throat.

The rest of us are trying to combat it with herbs, but I think we are fighting an uphill battle. Keegan sounds like he maybe coming down with it and I am starting to get a sore throat too. I seem to come down with just about everything that Truitt gets.

Drollingers said...

What a fun birthday! Really cute & creative! Sierra has those tulip pants. All three will have to wear them some Sunday. We have a lot of the same clothes. (: