Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun Day!

My sister, Jen and my nephew, Sawyer are up visiting us right now. We had a nice day relaxing with the fam, doing some shopping, wrestling Daddy, then worshiping together at the Scott Krippayne concert at church. (With a little Aaron Peterson thrown in!)


The Owens said...

Some people do not change at all!! I saw that picture and said that guy looks exactly like Aaron Peterson! Hilarious!! Do you guys get to see them often? Please tell them I say hello:) I am sure it was a very fun day!

red-headed Wilson's said...

SO funny I thought "O, Amy saw Aaron" and then you said you saw your family and I thought, "boy he really did look like Aaron!" So glad you cleared that up!

I love Scott Krippayne! Especailly his "Sometimes He Calms the Storms" song.