Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Thoughts

I don't know why, but lately I haven't seemed to be able to have clear enough thoughts to publish a whole post. So, I guess you get some random thoughts from me tonight!
Right now I am sitting in a hotel room in Oregon. We came down for a Pastor's conference. We have decided that traveling with a one year old was not such a good idea. She has slept very little! Actually, Rylie hasn't slept a whole lot either, but at least she's quiet about it! Her high point was today when her and Daddy went swimming in the hotel pool (pictures to come later).
Ryan was elected to the IFCA Regional Vice President! He was also asked to consider speaking for one of the sessions at the next conference. I'm very proud of him! (Don't worry Dad, I'm proud of you too for all the work you've done for the regional and the IFCA!) This was a position that he was nominated for by another Pastor and the other pastors voted between him and another gentleman.
I have spent a lot of time here in the hotel to try to get the girls to sleep so I haven't made it to much of the conference, but I did get a nap today and was able to finish two books I've been reading!
If you think of it, please pray for me in the morning, I am speaking on a panel with two other ladies (one being Judi A.) and I'm not having a lot of clarity in my thoughts about my topic. I'm also a little nervous on how we'll do getting the girls up earlier than normal in the morning when they haven't had a lot of sleep. Please pray that they sleep through the night tonight! Thank you!


Drollingers said...

I'll pray right now.

Samantha Edwards said...

I'll pray too! :) Make sure you and Ryan book your reservation to see Tom and I - we'll probably only be here for about 10 days before we move to Virginia - unless he gets the oppurtunity to travel to Korea for the Army, then we might be staying here for a month or so!

tuesdaymom said...

I see that I'm too late to pray for your talk -- glad it went well! Now praying that things will go well with the girls....

Hang in there!

PS Will Ryan's new "position" require him to travel a lot?

Anonymous said...

looks like everyone right now is struggling with the blogging thing. you're not alone!