Friday, October 10, 2008

Linky Love

Free MP3 Library: Monergism has a ton of great audio resources for free. They have a huge section of sermons and talks just for women too.

Giveaway: Monergism also has a giveaway going on for a free ESV Study Bible. They are actually giving away five free Bibles! This is the brand new Study Bible coming out later this month. If you don't want it for yourself, I know someone else you could give it to. Smile.

True Womanhood: This conference is going on now. You can go read their live blog or watch the video feed. They have some great speakers and music. You can almost pretend you are there.

In other news, Anna got another tooth in! Maybe that explains why the two of us were up in the middle of the night! It is a cute little tooth on top left. She enjoyed some food from my plate last night. That is the first time she's had "table food". I cut up some rice and the inside of a grape and she loved it! Almost as much as she loves her fruit puffs! If there was any question that she is a Daddy's girl, the scene at our house this morning proves she is. She tried to follow him out the door in her walker when he left for work. Then after he left she stood at the door (in her walker) yelling "DaDa, DaDa"! Before he woke up this morning she was yelling for him too. When I told her he was asleep, she seemed to get angry and yell his name even louder! She loves her Daddy!
Rylie and Anna were so cute playing together this morning. Anna is finally getting to the age where she interacts with Rylie more, so Rylie enjoys playing with her more. Rylie was pushing her around in her walker showing her different rooms and making silly faces and dancing for her. Anna was cracking up! Nobody can get her laughing as much as her big sister can! It is so fun to see them together, and I know it will keep getting more fun as they get older!


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, it gets better and better watching them play and interact! Mine are 10 and 12 and I still love just watching them! They have their own little world that not even I can share sometimes! I love it! Susan

The Owens said...

It is so good to be in contact again! You have two beautiful girls!! Isn't it so much fun! I know we only have one now but I love it! How are you guys doing? Sounds like you are great! Tell Aaron and Kristen hello! I'm glad I can keep up on your blog - tell Ryan hello too!!!