Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weekly Weigh In

Not much to report weight wise, but I did have a few people comment to me that my pants looked too big, so that's exciting! Pretty soon I'm going to have to go shopping! I have been struggling with being an emotional eater. Whenever I'm stressed, depressed, sad, or really happy about something, I want to eat whatever sounds good at the moment. I need to work on my discipline and my will power.
Speaking of discipline, I have to confess that for the last week, I have not been getting up early to do my devotions. The girls haven't been sleeping good, so I've been up with them in the night and I'm not feeling good, so when 6 am rolls around, I just want to stay right in my warm bed. Our house has been especially cold in the mornings due to the outrageous price of heating oil, that makes my warm bed even more appealing! I know these are excuses and I am missing out on so many benefits. Please feel free to ask me how it's going. Susan did that a few weeks ago, and it helped jump start me!
I forgot to mention in my post yesterday that the doctor was impressed that Anna has been saying a few words. She can say, "DaDa", "MaMa", "LaLa" (for Rylie),"PaPa" (for Grandpa), and "BaBa" (for bottle, which she is starting to use more insistently and pointing at her bottle). One of her favorite activities is to sit on the floor and dump all of the toys out of her basket and then see how many of them she can put in her mouth! She also quite enjoys pulling her sisters hair. At first I thought it was accidental, but now I'm seeing the gleam in her eyes as she reaches for her. She has the best smiles, they always make us smile!
My Cubbie slept in her new Cubbie vest all night. She put it on over her pajamas so her Daddy could see it when she got home! This morning she walked around with it on and her Cubbie bag slung over her shoulder. We are working on the letter "F" this week. We went outside and collected fall leaves which she glued to a construction paper tree trunk. She also made the letter "F" out of fish stickers. She is doing such a good job learning her letters, I'm very proud of her.
Please pray for my poor hubby, he's home sick in bed! He was up half the night sneezing and hacking!

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tuesdaymom said...

Henry was so proud of his vest too! Our camera is still broken so I couldn't get pictures. :( I can't believe those little Puggles are Cubbies!

I have been craving ice cream all week. My husband just smiles but otherwise ignores me every time I bring it up. He knows better than to give in to least on that one!

You're doing great, girl. I can see the difference. Truly!

Much love, Sarah