Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Anna's Dr. Appt. and My Cubbie!

Anna's doctor appointment went well this morning. She had gained a pound since her last appointment, which was great since the doctor was concerned about her weight. She now weighs 16.4 lbs. She is in the 35th% for weight and 90th for height. The doctor said she seems like she doesn't have any neurological problems (at her last appt. the doctor was concerned about this because she shakes when she's excited). She wants to recheck her in a couple months to make sure she's met all of her developmental milestones.
I thought I would share some pictures of my little Puggles. Aren't they adorable?!
And here is my big Cubbie!!! Can you tell from her face how proud she is of her new Cubbie vest?! She learned three verses and the Cubbie motto to earn her vest and book. I'm very proud of her too! She's getting so big!


Keren said...

Im very sorry Jacob was so challenging tonight :( we will definatley continue to work on him this week in hopes that his "boyish" behavior will end!! :( How embarassing!

Angela Miller said...

Isn't it great to see our kids grow and eagerly learn so much about God and the Bible? My heart swells everytime I hear Keegan belt out another verse as he marches around the house.

I'm glad Anna is growing and doing well.

Jessica said...

Yay that is good that the Dr. no longer thinks my little anna has a neurological problem. I never thought she did and I hope it continues to bethat way!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, these little ones are SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOOOOO adorable!! :) Love you! Susan