Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just a girl and her lion

This is Anna and her little lion that she sleeps with. She loves this lion. As soon as I give it to her in her crib, she attacks it! She wrestles it and immediately starts chewing on his head. I have to wash it at least once a week! It will be fun to see if this remains a favorite for her.
Rylie has had some dolls/toys that have gone through seasons of being her favorite. For awhile she can't do anything without them, then one day, she doesn't even pay attention to them (oh no! I hope I'm not looking into my future!)
What things did you or your children have that were their favorites?


Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...

My brother used to have a blanket with silky edges. Eventually we realized it was really the edges he loved and not the rest of the blanket. One day we caught him sitting below the window in my parent's room holding on to the curtain and sucking his thumb... silky curtains. Babies are so strange!

Stephanie said...

Both the girls have special blankets, which is exactly what I had as a kid. I can't wash those blankets often enough, especially during cold and flu season!

tuesdaymom said...

Henry has his "manget" (blanket)...which we lost the other day in Fred Meyer. It was so traumatic I was nearly crying right along with him! Luckily we found it. Of course, he HAD to attach to a $25 blanket from a boutique -- given to us by a family friend -- so I haven't been able to buy a back-up!
Toby has his "moos" which are pastel stuffed cows. Notice the plural -- I did buy back-ups of that one...but now he's attached to them ALL!
You never know how they'll attach. Toby attached to Moo when he was five months old and now he's nearly six years old. Its still his favorite.

Samantha Edwards said...

I had my "Yellow Blankie" that I took with me EVERYWHERE. I couldn't go without it, or my pink lambchop doll. I still sleep with both of them :)