Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blustery Fall Day

I love this weather! The wind is blowing, the air is crisp, the sun is shining! Give me this over a 90 degree day anytime! However, my head is pounding, and stuffed up, Anna is coughing, and Ryan's throat is hurting, that's the downfall to this season! Thankfully, Rylie seems to be feeling fine. She is now officially a Cubbie! She is so excited! She learned her verse last week and her Cubbie motto, now this week she has two more to learn. Then she will get her vest and book, which she is really looking forward to.
I had my first night back teaching the Puggles last week. This year I have a group of young two year olds. It was fun, but exhausting! I think things will go smoother in a few weeks after they learn how to sit still and follow directions. If anyone has any good game ideas for this age, I would appreciate them!
Our women's retreat was this weekend and it went great! I was so thankful for Linda, Deb, and Kate speaking to us. They put in a lot of effort and taught me a great deal. I was very happy that my sister, Jen was able to come up from another state for it! It has been so incredible watching her grow in the Lord!
Sunday was an exciting day. I haven't mentioned it on here yet, but for those of you who don't know, our church is praying about merging with another church. This Sunday we had our first combined service so that people could meet one another, see the facility, etc. When the singing started and I heard 450 people all praising the Lord together, I got tears in my eyes. A merger means lots of changes and challenges, but it is also very exciting and I think can be a great growing opportunity for all of us. I would be sad to leave our church building (the offices were my home for most of my life, in fact my bedroom is now my husband's office), but I feel like this is the direction the Lord is leading us. I want to be where He wants us. We have a real opportunity to minister to this other church that is needing a Pastor and help with ailing ministries. It would be an answer to prayer for our space needs. There will be kinks along the way, but if we all keep Phil. 2 in mind and think of others as more important than ourselves things should go easier. I know there will be challenges but I love what Tim C. said to me Sunday night, he said that he was in awe Sunday morning looking around and was thinking that here are all these people wanting to be in the middle of God's will and willing to be in the middle of that, no matter what His will is. I love that attitude!


Keren said...

WOW!! 450?? I was trying to make an educated guess...I knew there was a lot but wow...450! Thats crazy, we've reached mega church status :)

Anonymous said...

Hi princess! I too was excited on the Lords Day.My eyes filled with tears as I saw for the first time ever, our whole church family gathered together in one spot to worship our Great and Awesome God. Les's message on Christ and the cross was awesome as well. I was especially impressed with the young people who led us in worship because of thier obvious love for the Savior! See you soon, give my girls hugs from grandpa! I love you, Dad

Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...

I am so with you on the weather (and stuffy noses).

red-headed Wilson's said...

wow, Amy. That is HUGE news. I will pray for you all. I know sometimes people get all huffy about these kind of changes.

It is Kim getting married in January, Jan 10!