Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Pictures

I had to post some new pictures because my husband was tired of seeing the New Kids! These kids are pretty cute! I love Anna's frightened face as Rylie's trying to feed her. Don't you love her crazy hair?! And of course there's my big princess! I love these girls!
Please pray for Patty, my mother in law, she was readmitted to the hospital today for a possible infection and her blood sugars are all out of whack. She has been in a lot of pain, so hopefully this will help. She has a big appointment with her Oncologist at the beginning of November. This will help her determine if she will take chemo or not. Please continue to pray.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that I have been praying for Patty...wish there was more I could do for her...but it's the best thing. I feel so bad for her. I'm praying for Ryan, the girls, the grandkids, and you too Amy. I love you guys....mom

Chantal Bassham said...

Amy, I must say your girls are much prettier than the New Kids on the Block!

Can we come over this Friday? Or maybe Tuesday next week? Please let me know.
We are praying for your mom-in-law, any update on her yet?

Anonymous said...

Amy...I see that you are answering blogs....you should be in bed by now, what are you doing up at this late hour!!!!!!!...do you need a spanking...do I have to get your father????? (you should be in bed too Chantal)....love mom

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