Thursday, March 4, 2010

Puppy Party Prep

I've been working on preparing for Anna's puppy party for her Second Birthday. I made puppy ears for each of the kids to wear, dog bone cookies, cheese bones, and jello jiggler bones. I also made a banner for her. More fun things to come!
Since my husband is gone for ten days, this is the time my children get the stomach bug! Yesterday was not a fun day! I was not a very patient Mommy. But, thankfully, we all slept well last night and the girls are doing much better today.
Tomorrow is my baby girl's birthday! I can't believe she's already two!


Anonymous said...

oh, Amy! This is just all so adorable!! Little Anna (and Rylie too!) is so blessed to have such a loving, caring and CREATIVE mother! ~Annette :)

Ryan said...

Thank you! If you ever need Birthday party ideas, talk to Debbie Welch! She is amazing! She also has tons of stuff, she lent me the cookie cutters! Next week will be Rylie's Chronicles of Narnia Birthday party and Debbie gave me ideas for that too! (this is Amy, didn't realize I'm signed in as Ryan)

red-headed Wilson's said...

So Amy are you going to invite your dad to this party? :)

It looks really cute.

I remembered that Alicia's birthday is close to your kids' but I couldn't remember which days exactly. Happy Birthday Anna.