Saturday, March 6, 2010

Anna's Birthday

Anna had a fun second Birthday yesterday! She loved waking up to Rylie and I singing Happy Birthday to her, she grinned from ear and danced. Then she said, "I'm big enough, I'm big enough!" It was really cute!
After Rylie's Doctor appointment (more on that later), we went to the park. The weather was beautiful and Anna was ecstatic when she saw the slides!
She chose a lunch of mac and cheese, then they had naps at Grandma's house while I ran errands for her Birthday party. Grandma took them to her neighbor, Barb's to jump on the trampoline. After dinner, we sang and had cake. Anna loved blowing the candle out. It was fun for me to watch her eat her cake because last year for her first birthday, she was so sick with a fever she didn't even want her cake.
We topped the evening off with meeting Grandpa for ice cream at Trotters. Anna polished off almost that whole ice cream sundae! I still can't believe my baby is two!

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