Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chronicles of Narnia Party Ideas

When Rylie said she wanted to have a Chronicles of Narnia party, I found very few ideas online. Thankfully, my friend, Debbie, is wealth of creativity. I wanted to show you all a few pictures of some of our decorations and things in case you need some ideas for your Narnia party!


KLB said...

WoW! Rylie had an inventive idea. How many 5 year olds would think of Narnia? I love the decor. Did she have a good time?

Caite said...

My son Jaiden wants a Narnia party for his 6th birthday in Sept. Please - any ideas will be much appreciated! We are in Germany and having a wet summer..... Caite.

Anonymous said...

Hi,My daughter wants a Narnia party