Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Please Pray

Please pray for my Rylie girl this morning as she is having her tonsils taken out. She is a little nervous that we won't be in the same room as her, but seems to be doing okay. I won't lie, Mommy is nervous about her going under the general anestesthia. But, I know that God is in control and will protect my precious little girl. I would just love your prayers! Thanks!


Low Expectations said...

Thinking of your Rylie girl. Sending thoughts your way.

Janice Krieger said...

Praying for Rylie. When Logan had his out the staff were so awesome and told me everything that was going on.

God Made Playdough said...

Thank you!!!! She is home now, it went really fast actually. He said they were HUGE! She is on Vicodin and resting and watching The Princess and the Frog. Poor thing though wants french fries and can't have them!