Monday, March 1, 2010

More Freebies!

This first picture is mostly of freebies I got in the mail. (The Honey Bunches of Oats is from the Safeway deal I told you about previously.) I got coupons for the free Excedrin and free Kashi in the mail as well as some other coupons, tea and magazines. I got the free 8 x 10 prints from Walgreens.
The second picture is from my Albertsons and Walgreens deals today. If you still have the Purex buy one get one free coupon from last Sunday's paper, take it to Walgreens and pair it with their buy one get one free sale on Purex laundry detergent. You can score 2 free bottles of detergent! I had 2 coupons, that is how I was able to get 4 free bottles! (I did have to pay tax) I have heard some Walgreens are making you pay for 1 bottle and then giving you 2 bottles for free, but mine didn't say anything she just rang it up, no problem. I was worried it wouldn't work because my Walgreens didn't have any signs advertising that the detergent was on sale and it wasn't in their add either, but it rang up that way, so I got it for free! I was just wishing I had more of those coupons to score more for free! Greedy, aren't I?! They also have an add in their Walgreens add (located at the front of the store) for Nivea lip care products for .99 (normally 3.99), if you have the coupon from last Sunday (and I think the week before also), that was a buy one get one free, that makes this a good deal as well. What would normally cost you $8 only costs you .99 (or .50 each). If you don't use this yourself, it's a great thing to buy to throw in with gifts.
Albertsons right now has their twice the value coupons right now. These usually only last 3 days, but this time, they are good for 7 days! I'm excited about this because you can only use 3 of them per transaction, so I can go back throughout the week and do several different scenarios. I got the children's toothpaste completely for free with the doubler coupons and several other things that I only paid a tiny bit for (but I only took a picture of the free items). They also have a deal going on right now that if you buy two Orville Redenbocker popcorn you get a free (any brand) pop. They have coupons in the store for this one. I have been watching this one waiting for the popcorn to go on sale and it did this week so I got this deal as well. I think I might go back and get more, I can use free pop for the girls birthday parties and we like to snack on popcorn.
The other deal going on right now is Albertsons Chill promotion. March is frozen food month and several stores are having promotions right now, but if you combine Albertsons doublers with coupons, they seem to have the best deals. The promotion is that if you buy 10 of the participating frozen items you get a coupon (Catalina) back for $10 off of your next order. You can buy 10 things get the coupon then do another transaction with 10 more frozen things and use the $10 off coupon to pay for that and that will produce another $10 off coupon and so on. Now if you use coupons (and especially doublers ) on the frozen items, you can save even more and get free food! I only did one scenario today because I need to clean out my freezer to fit more food in.
One more thing, keep your eyes peeled, last March Albertsons had a huge sale on Post brand cereal, they were on sale for .75 a box! That is a great stock up price as it is, but pair that with coupons and be still my beating heart!! I'll let you all know when I hear that is coming (if it is).

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God Made Playdough said...

I forgot to mention that today I got $100 worth of groceries for $20!