Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Lord's Protection and Provision

I had two instances to thank the Lord for His protection and provision today.
The first happened this afternoon. After Rylie's doctor appointment I had gone to a grocery store that I had never been to before. I didn't realize that when I pulled out of the parking lot (different side of the store than when I pulled in) it was a one way street. I was going the wrong way!!! I freaked out! I tried to pull off to the side as much as I could since there were cars coming head on towards me, then I saw a huge, black hummer headed straight for me. Thankfully the Lord stopped him and he actually made it clear for me to turn around so I was going the right way. He even smiled and waved to me! I was so thankful! That could have ended so badly! I'm very thankful for the Lords protection, and yes, I will be pay extra attention next time I pull out onto a street I'm not familiar with!
The second instance today had to do with the Lord's provision. I have been keeping my debit card in my back pocket since Anna was born because it was too hard to carry a purse and a diaper bag, etc. Well, it has rubbed a spot off of the magnetic strip on my card. It has been causing a little bit of trouble in some machines but I usually just have to run it a couple times and it goes through. Occasionally the cashier has to type the numbers in. I keep meaning to order a new card, but I keep forgetting. On the way home tonight my car gas light came on so I stopped for gas. You can probably figure out what happened next, my card didn't work in the gas tank machine. So, I got the girls out of the car (they were in their pajamas at this point by the way because we had spent the evening at Grandmas and were coming home to go to bed), and went in to the teller. She tried it in her machine and it still didn't work. She said she wasn't allowed to type the numbers in, it was against the rules. She said to try the ATM machine, that didn't work either. I didn't know what I was going to do because I was out of gas and had no other way of paying for it. I was walking back out to the car silently praying for help and a man that was standing at his car pumping gas (that was not there when I had first tried my card, or had been inside the gas station), asked, "Do you need help?" I explained the situation to him and he asked if I wanted to borrow ten dollars. I started crying and then I felt dumb and apologized for crying. He came over and pumped my gas for me while I loaded the girls back in the car and actually put fifteen dollars worth of gas in my car for me! I gave him a pen and paper to write his name and address down so I could repay him but he said no that he had been in that situation before and he didn't want me to pay him back. Again, I was so thankful, I cried!
These were wonderful lessons from the Lord for me and the girls today!


Anonymous said...

Wow Amy!! I love this blog! It made me cry!!


Angela Miller said...

I am crying too! God is good!!!! I'm continually amazed at how God provides for even the little things. Praise God for his never ending mercies.

Stephanie said...

That is so awesome Amy! I soooo love how God cares for us. He always has us in His sight and His hand of protection is on us. Just think of how many times He has protected us that we are not even aware of. The other day we were getting ready for bed and my husband kept hearing a weird noise...a crackling noise. He finally got up and walked around the side of the bed and found my blow dryer glowing red at the end the air comes out of. He quickly unplugged it....if he hadn't heard that noise or if it had been in the middle of the night....I was/am so grateful that God protected us that night. He is so so so....I can't even think of a word that properly describes Him. He is fantabulous!!