Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Patty's Retirement Party

Last Thursday I went to the retirement party for my Mom-in-Love, also formally known as my boss. I worked with her at a skilled nursing facility for several years. I was a medical social worker and she was the Administrator. She was well loved by everyone that she worked with. She treated her employees like family. In fact, many of them called her, "Mom". She expected hard work but was always ready with a helping hand. Her Residents loved her too. I love the picture of her with the gentleman giving her a rose. A lot of Administrators don't get very involved with the Residents, but she always took time to talk to them. She had a special bond with this gentleman and they always planned when they were going to go out dancing!
It was a day of mixed emotions. Everyone was glad to see her, they hadn't seen her since her surgery in August. There were also a lot of tears. No one was ready for her to retire and especially not for health reasons.
I enjoyed seeing so many people too. It reminded me that I had a professional life before I was a mother. I would not trade being a stay at home mom for anything, but it was nice to remember that other person for a little while. I am thankful for Patty giving me the opportunity to learn skills that God has enabled me to still use to some extent even now.
I am also thankful that even though she is retiring from work, she is not retiring from my life and I still get to learn from her and love her!

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Anonymous said...

i missed something--when did patty have surgery and for what?! is she ok now? i can't believe she is retiring.