Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Attempt at Grandkid Pictures

Sunday we attempted to get some grandkid pictures at church with the Christmas "scene", which was basically Mom and Dad's living room, since everything but the tree came from their house. The kids weren't too thrilled with posing, so these are the best that turned out. And, no, that's not a real cat the kids are petting. It is a creepy fake cat that my Mom has as a decoration. The kids love it, I am allergic to it.
When Rylie saw the picture of her and Abby, she yelled, "My best friend, Abby!"


Samantha Edwards said...

I might be blind...please tell me...did Abby cut her hair?!

Samantha Edwards said...

She does! She looks SOOO much older! I'm surprised that she cut her own hair, since it 'hurt' her before! :)

And yes, I'll bring back lots of souvenirs!!

:) No worries about the Christmas card! It is better to give!