Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Tree!

Rylie was very excited to buy our Christmas Tree yesterday. Her and Daddy already had it picked out before Anna and I got to them. They did a great job! I think it's a beautiful tree. I love how the house smells now! Anna is not quite sure what to think of it. She keeps reaching her hand out to touch it, then bringing it back right before she actually touches it.

We didn't have a chance to decorate it, we're planning on doing that on Thursday when our friends, Aaron and Becky come over for dinner.

We have a busy week, something happening every evening. All fun things. Friday night was our Women's Christmas Tea, Saturday we went to our friend, Buck's house for his annual Christmas Tree decorating party, Sunday was church (Ryan preached a wonderful message on God's sovereignty), Monday we went to Patty's to help decorate her tree, yesterday we got our tree and then went to dinner with our friends, Bryan and Tricia. Tonight we have Awana, tomorrow afternoon I'm going to Patty's retirement party then Aaron and Becky are coming over, Friday we are going to Zoolights with the Ockfen's (if it isn't snowing), Saturday we have our church's Christmas Banquet, then Sunday again! Whew! No wonder I'm having a hard time getting caught up on my laundry! Of course I will enlighten you all with pictures from almost all of those events! I know you are all just dying of anticipation! To wet your appetite, here are some pictures from our tree getting.

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