Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Anna's First Christmas!

We had our family Christmas this morning! Tonight we will celebrate with my family and tomorrow with Ryan's family. We started the morning off with Ryan making us a delicious breakfast of French Toast. Usually Rylie helps him with this, but she wasn't feeling too well (all of us have colds and she just got over the stomach flu). Then we read the Christmas story from Rylie's Bible and then we did a neat, interactive Nativity story (from the makers of the "Resurrection Eggs"). After that we opened presents. Rylie was excited about every one of her gifts. The picture of her and her Daddy is of them playing with her new WordWorld Lego's.
Anna was tired, but she still managed to enjoy her presents, especially the animal train that played music. She started dancing right away when she heard it! Doesn't she look cute in her, "Baby's First Christmas" pajamas?
The picture of the drawing is my favorite present I received. Rylie has just learned to draw people and she drew a picture of our family for me! I love it!
Ryan and I had to laugh because we both bought each other the same book!
If you want to see all of our pictures from our morning, go here.
All in all, it was a great morning! Merry Christmas!


tscarter7 said...

I need more information on the Nativity/Resurrection eggs! Are they too "young" for my kids?
What book did you both buy for each other? Looks like you had a wonderful morning! I love Rylie's picture! :)

Jessica said...

I have almost the same first christmas ones for Keeley! She is wearing them tonight!!