Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Favorite Time Of Year

Fall is my favorite season. I love the leaves changing color, the pumpkins, and the cool, crisp weather. This morning the girls and I decided to go outside and play in the leaves. Our little tree doesn't produce enough to jump in, but we still had fun looking at them.
When we came inside, Rylie made a tree on paper and glued some of her leaves on it. It turned out super cute.
My Mom had given me some foam stamps, some of which were fall shapes. The girls used paint and made Birthday cards for Auntie Pam and other fun pictures.
Rylie loves Pre K but it's also nice to have a day off during the week so we can do these things together. I love Fall!


Jessica said...

My fav is spring, everthing is all new and smells good! But fall is very charming!

red-headed Wilson's said...

me too. LOVE LOVE fall, mostly October before it gets to icky with rain

Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...

You must know this blog melted me.

red-headed Wilson's said...

Hey I deleted your comment from my latest post. I just found an old mormon friend that I have been praying for since highschool. I don't want her to take offense to the comment about turning Mormon. I felt terrible erasing it but I don't want to offend her. I know you will understand my kindred.

God Made Playdough said...

Dee, no problem, totally understand! :) love you!