Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Anna's Dr. Appt and My Cubbie

Tonight was Rylie's first night back at Cubbies. It was Parent's VIP night and she chose to have her Daddy go with her. At one point they were sharing things that they loved (kittys, etc) and Rylie said that she loved her Daddy.
She is excited about the prospect of completing a new book this year. She also loves being with her friends and her cousin (and best friend), Abby. The picture of the little boy is her buddy, Declan.
Her vest looks a little shorter than last year! She's my growing girl! She starts Pre K tomorrow!!!
Anna had her well baby check up today. She is in the 60% for height (32in) and 20% for weight (22lbs). She wasn't too concerned about her weight this time, which was a relief. Usually we have to come back for weight checks because she is underweight. She is progressing in her growth though, so she's doing good.
The doctor was impressed by her vocabulary. When she walked in the room, Anna said "Johnson" which is the name of her doctor.
Her doctor reviewed her history and we discussed all of her unexplained high fevers. The doctor said that Anna's blood tests and growth progression and things are not indicative of cancer, which of course was a huge relief. I wasn't too worried about that being a possibility, but the last doctor we saw at the convenience care clinic had said that was one of the things they were testing for, so it was nice to know that is ruled out.
The doctor said it was probably just an atypical virus that is going around her age group this summer. However, she did have some wheezing in her lungs (and a cough) so she was curious about her lungs. She gave her a breathing treatment (which Anna threw a fit about) and her lungs sounded great after that. She said that if her cough doesn't go away or if she has another one of those high fevers that she wants a chest x-ray. She said there is a possibility that all of this could be related to something in her lungs.
I was kind of hoping to know something more definitive, but I was relieved that her primary doctor wasn't overly concerned. She said I could give her some stronger multivitamins so hopefully that will help this cold and flu season. Now I just need to get her to eat more of those good vitamin packed veggies. . .


momaof4 said...

It's amazing how big those cubbie vest start as....and then they are SO tiny in the end :) So cute

Good new for little Anna. I hope she just gets better and you don't have to worry about any of it any more

Jessica said...

If her lungs get worse I have a nebulizer, they are expensive. If you get all the tubing,you can borrow...if you need too. I will be praying you won't!