Friday, September 4, 2009

More of my beauty

Well, good news is that Anna's fever has broken. This is the fastest it has broken, usually it lasts four days or so. I'm praying that it stays gone. Since it has broken and since she has an appt with her primary on the 16th, I'm not going to take her in to the doctor today.
Bad news is that she was up every hour but one last night. I am utterly exhausted! I was already feeling overwhelmed by the shear multitude of things that I needed to get done, unpacked, cleaned, organized, etc. I may have to just take a nap when the girls take theres and try to forget about all I have to do. And then get a coffee! Definitely a coffee! With four caffeine laden shots!


red-headed Wilson's said...

So sorry Amy!

Yes, I have tried that recipe for peanut butter cookies. They were okay, I did a post on it awhile back, but a friend gave me hint to make them better and I need to do them again. I feel better when I am off it but it takes about 2 weeks to clear it out. I ate bad last weekend and felt crappy and then actually passed out! So I have to take this seriously and get better at it.

Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...

I'm so sorry your poor princess is still having these fevers. When I look at her little face in these pics it just breaks my heart to think of her being sick. The kids and I will be praying for her :(

KLB said...

I hate when kids get sick. I am never quit sure what to do. I am glad the worst is over, I hope you sleep good tonight

momaof4 said...

Oh, I am glad she is feeling better.
Coffee, lots of it. I have had to start making my own :) Cause well, money doesn't grow on those coffee cups. So now Starbucks in a special treat.

Love you. wish I was closer to help you.