Monday, September 14, 2009

Grandma's 84th Birthday

This past week, my Mom and the girls and I went to Oregon to celebrate my Grandma's 84th Birthday. We had a little party for her on her actual Birthday and then a big party the next day. Rylie got to meet her second cousin, Cymbree for the first time. They hit it off immediately. It was so cute to watch them holding hands and playing hide and seek.
Anna had fun too, her and Great Grandpa played peek a boo. She is sad in the picture because her ice cream and cake were gone!
My Grandma wanted to play cards for her Birthday, so my Aunt Dory came over each night to play us. We played Hand and Foot until two in the morning. Grandma and I won three out of five! It was a lot of fun to watch Grandma giggle and have fun.
Please pray for her, she has her second round of aggressive chemo tomorrow morning. The morning we left she lost a couple hand fulls of hair and was really disappointed about that. Pray for her and Grandpa's salvation!

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