Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Interesting Read

I was in the Dollar Tree the other day getting some things for vacation and I stumbled across a fascinating book. It caught my eye because it was a nice hardback book for only a dollar. It is called, The American Plague, The Untold Story Of Yellow Fever, The Epidemic That Shaped Our History by Molly Caldwell Crosby.
It tells the story of the yellow fever outbreak in the south in the late 1870's. American medicine as we know it now, was still in it's infancy. It was amazing to me the types of things they thought would cure people, and how far medicine has come in the last 100 plus years.
It was very interesting to read about all of the different things that came about as a result of the yellow fever epidemic and the struggle to find a cure.
Underground sewer pipes were invented as a result, as well as policies about quarantine. The consent form was also invented, which was of some interest to me because of my work as a medical social worker. There were many more things that were invented or put to use as a result of this epidemic.
There were some brave doctors who discovered that mosquitoes were the carriers of this disease and performed human experiments on themselves to prove that. Others did the same while trying to find an immunization for the disease.
If you're looking for a fascinating medical, historical, narrative, this is the book for you!


KLB said...

Its amazing how our world has grown and developed. I love history!

Stephanie said...

I loved reading this book! I even have it linked on my sidebar because I thought it was so well written. Very cool that you found it at the Dollar Store!!

Jessica said...

Ooh I want to read!! I love history!

God Made Playdough said...

Stephanie, I thought I recognized it from your blog. I was excited when I found it at the dollar store too! Hardback even! :)
Jess, you can borrow it! Just remind me to bring it to you!