Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A little early 4th of July

Last Tuesday we had a fiesta, this Tuesday we had an early 4th of July celebration. Come to think of it, the week before we had Asian food. Maybe I'm starting a tradition, Tuesday ethnic night. If so, I need to get more ethnic decorations!
Rylie was really excited to help me decorate the table and do some crafts. She made the "firecrackers" that we hung from the light. It's hard to see in the picture, but one of them has a flower she drew on it, one has a "belly with a bone in it", and one has star stickers. She was so proud of herself that she cut the ribbon and taped it all together all by herself.
She also made her own flag, cutting and gluing on her own.
Anna did her own craft with star stickers and a little bit of coloring. She mostly enjoyed yelling, "stickers" and putting them on her face.
Of course the thing the girls enjoyed the most was making and decorating cupcakes. We made red velvet cupcakes and frosted them with white frosting and then sprinkled blue sugar on top. Rylie thought they looked like a flag. It was a fun day!

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