Thursday, June 25, 2009

Keeps Me Humble

Rylie: "Mom, you have the biggest buns EVER!"

Rylie: "I have twelve brains, that's why I'm so smart."
Mommy: " How many does Daddy have?"
Rylie: "Twelve like me."
Mommy: " How many do I have?"
Rylie: "Umm, about eight."
Mommy: "What about Anna?"
Rylie: "She has twelve too."
Mommy: "Why do I only have eight?"
Rylie: "You're not very smart anymore. You need to go to school again. You used to be smart when you went to school."
More true than you know!

She also seriously thought that the plan for next year was that she would drive herself home from school. She was surprised when I said she couldn't!


red-headed Wilson's said...

boy that gave me a big smile. Our kids are great at making us realize how human we are. Too bad they don't realize it for themselves!

Anonymous said...

That is sooooooo funny......I needed a good laugh today!......although I am sorry that you seem to have lost some of your intelligence.....I hadn't noticed that! love mom

Ryan said...

Well, I love you and think you're GREAT!... and I know Rylie does too! :)

tscarter7 said...

Only 8 brains???? I really thought you were smarter than that! ha ha
That's awesome that she thought she would drive home from school!

KLB said...

I think you have fourteen!!
And you have cute buns! he he Even though I have not seen them. :)

Samantha Edwards said...

hahaha. im sitting in class reading this and im sure im getting funny looks for laughing out loud :)

poor kid will have to wait a little longer to drive herself home!