Friday, April 3, 2009

Twitter is making me a lazy blogger!

I have been feeling lately like I haven't had much of importance to say on here. I have been feeling like my mind has been so cluttered lately. Ryan and I are going away to the mountains next week, just the two of us, so I'm hoping my head will clear in all the quiet time I will have.
Anna had her weight check doctor appointment today. She has gained 11 ounces this month! That is a record for her! She moved up from the 5% to the 8%. She has been downing the whole milk, and has had more of an appetite. Her doctor was very pleased with her progress.
We had dinner tonight with some of our oldest friends, Aaron and Kristin, and their two kids. It was a lot of fun! We got spoiled by their excellent cooking! I thought I would give Anna a little bite of Prime Rib but figured she probably wouldn't eat it. She loved it and kept asking for more. She ended up eating most of my piece. She was shoveling it in her mouth two hands at a time and saying, "mmmm". Ryan was very proud of her!
Their Anna and Rylie played until 10:00! We are going to have a tired girl in the morning. They had so much fun though. It always makes me happy when I see them playing together because Kristin and I always dreamed that one day we would have daughters that would be friends!
They taught us a fun card game too. We love to play games, even if Aaron and I have been accused of cheating in the past (never happened, we just think alike sometimes!) I just wish I would have brought my camera! Now, off to bed!

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