Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Becky!


Rachel said...

Amy I miss you. I would love to spend time with you soon. (And Becky.) I'm trying to find a time in May or June to come up, can we try to plan a mall day or something if I can figure out a time?


momaof4 said...

She looks so much like Noah's teacher!!! Does she have a younger sister names Lacy? To funny.

Love good friends!!!!!

tuesdaymom said...

I still want to do coffee with you and your Becky! Glad you guys got the time together!

God Made Playdough said...

Karen, nope, not her sister! :) She is a teacher though!
Sarah, definetly! And she's your Becky too! :) I will remind her that between our three schedules we have to find a time! She came to visit us one day while we were at the mountain! It was fun because usually I fight Rylie for her attention! Rylie thinks she's her friend! :)