Monday, April 20, 2009

Rylie's Drawing

This is a picture that Rylie drew of herself helping a Polar Bear up. For her Cubbie's homework she was supposed to draw a picture of her helping in some way. She chose to help a Polar Bear!
I love watching her draw lately. She is getting more and more creative. Maybe she will be artistic like her Dad and Grandma!

In other news, Anna has a high fever and possibly a UTI. We are waiting to get the culture back from the doctor, but they started her on an antibiotic to be safe. Her white blood cell count is up, so there is definitely some kind of infection going on. The poor little thing is burning up and miserable! We go back to the doctor tomorrow afternoon.


KLB said...

poor Anna. How do you know when a baby has a UTI? Just sickness?

red-headed Wilson's said...

Poor porr Anna. It is so hard to see our little ones sick. So I will add poor poor Amy. :)
Hugs to your fam

Anonymous said...

Great job Rylie! I love your drawings as well. We are praying for our little Anna, and hurt for her. Its a good thing she has such a great mommy to take care of her. Grandpa

Drollingers said...

Poor thing. We'll be praying for her. How is Rylie feeling? I heard she was sick on Sunday?